Our Mission

TIMIL Enterprises serves women and families through strategic investments in real estate, media, products, and services that empower and foster community and financial literacy.

What drives our mission is a desire to shrink the wealth gap for people of color through ownership of ideas, real estate investing, wealth management, and spiritual wellness.



What drives us

  • Women's Empowerment
  • Holistic Spiritual Wellness
  • Community and Legacy Building
  • Financial Freedom for Families of Color


We're proudly
in partnership with
these companies

HER Investments

Full service real estate investment and development company .


Digital education platform providing information and resources that teach passive and direct real estate investment strategies .

Moms and Money

A wealth and wellness media company that serves diverse millennial moms. The marketplace offers holistic products and services that address the specific needs of this demographic.

OYA Insurance & Financial Services

An independent Life Insurance and Wealth Planning firm that serves families in all stages of life.

Brand Launch Grow

A consulting firm that primarily serves woman owned small businesses .Providing transformations in brand identity, marketing strategy, and growth acceleration.

Tea Tees

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Timil Jones
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Years in business

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Projects & Initiatives

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